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(mostly for business, but not exclusively)



Broken down to the basics

Make a video with these point..

the video is ALWAYS on, the video is never sick

how much to you spend on Seminars

How much time to you spend telling your story, or trying to find a natural non-forced way to talk about your humble roots, wouldn't you like VEERY prospective conversation to be primed with your values, and that adorable granddaughter... What is that worth?


I understand that you may think this is steep, but my process and products are not typical, especially for your industry.  I'm sure you can find a local company to crank out a video and get some nice shots. However, if you're really prepared to open up your practice and your lives and actually connect through video, as opposed to just have a video for the sake of having a video, then you should work with me.


The other advantage that you will not get with Production Company X, is that you’re going to be able to sit back and know that I am getting everything we could possibly need, you don't need to write scripts, you don't need to direct, or explain anything. 


We will walk away with enough content for the two videos, and 6 more, if you want more later. I will also be able to maintain the videos relevance through changes in your business, people being fired/quitting, expansion, new licenses.. we will make sure your videos are time proof, this is also stuff you won't typically get.


And to be blunt, I don't see anybody else doing quite what I'm doing.




I know how video can work, and how it can make every interaction, seminar, first meeting that much easier. 

It's constantly selling, it's a tool that is always working and never has a down day - 

and if you really open up, it's making friends before you even meet.


So, If your comfortable and confident in a payment arrangement you'd like to propose - then lay it on me.

and lets get this on the calendar.


Because the last thing I want to see is you going to some company that charges less, just to check video off your list.. then in 4 months when you are in a good spot, you have to think about doing it all over again..and  I've seen that an unfortunate amount of times.


Think about it, when you invest in video,  you may end up playing or watching or listening to this video hundreds if not thousands of times, and if it's not exactly what you want, it sure gets annoying, fast... 




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