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My parents are the perfect pair to tell you what you look like.

I've been recording professionals for years and I have specialized in the financial advisory world since 2011.

I have personally produced dozens of videos for the some of the top advisors in the country, embedding myself in their world, telling their personal stories and when we finish the videos,  I always send it to my parents..

Married for almost 40 yrs, my dad is newly retired, and my mom continues to take care of the whole family.

They worked hard, had ups and downs and ups again. They saved a little money and now live a modest, peaceful and loving life. They are currently working with a hand full of advisors and professionals, and they are quick to drop one of these professionals the second they sense an insincere or disingenuous bone in their body. If they don't like you, they will tell you why, they will tell you what they expect to happen and then move on. 

The other reason their perspective is different is because they have seen every single one of our videos. That means they have seen and studied what the top advisor from all over the country can offer. None of it is new to them. 

I have been sharing my videos with my parents for years, and they always tell me exactly what they think. So, I've decided to now share their comments with you.  You can get a completely objective perspective on the video we create, and also an unfiltered opinion of you and what you are projecting. Your friends are too close, and may not be the right audience. As much as you want, your employees can't be completely honest...and your family, well they are just wondering why there was only one shot of them, after we spend the whole afternoon filming

When you become a client, I will include My parents ideal perspective and candid comments.



"At first it's like , oh no, jocks. but by the time the video is over it's cool jocks, trustworthy on a mission, can't wait for mom to see it" - Pops

"Pops here --We love this video -- the guy is what you see is what you get. also -- there is a wierd low tone starting at about 6:56 at least on my system, can you fix that?" --- later love mom and dad

"The Assistant has a big role in this video  - she really makes them look great - and  Junior  at the bat seals the deal --- he is so cute - so is the little girl. The story about hand me down jeans - A classic American success story."

"OK SO!  that was just beautiful.. truly truly beautiful... the subtle nuances with the baby touching the moms hair ... the close up of the baby's face.. the reference to making the parents PROUD .. the whole thing is just so well done.. we will watch it several times." - Mom

"I like this one because of the energy it conveys ...the travel shots around the country make me feel like this guy is all over everything he does ... If I am sitting at the seminar watching this ,  I want to hear what this guy is going to say... that's a very funny (and effective) clip of his wife where she that's thats how he is 24/7 like it or not" -Pops

"..."there are so few people , businesses , friends, family , that meet or exceed expectations" what a great line" -Mom





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