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Fiduciary -  this may be the most important thing you don’t understand If you don't know this then you don't know who you are dealing with. Brainstorm: actors, the public (mos), asking what are the most important things to two about your financial advisor. Also maybe touching on the bad rep the financial industry has, the bad actor and institutions, the scammers, The Congress trying to pass the fiduciary law.


Social Security - it’s not what you think. For the elderly it's the thing you’ve paid into your whole life. But for anyone who planned to rely on this solely, it has not worked out. It's a combination of interviews and dramatizations about old people who rely on SS and things have not worked out. social security is not secure.


How they get paid  - fees (like the 60 minutes piece)The question you are not asking , an investigative report featuring clips from news reports, newspapers, and interviews f. Also MOS clips from people having no ideas how their advisor gets paid. Also highlighting folks who got taken advantage of (maybe actors). shots of Madoff. dramatization of shady advisor dark silhouette…


Annuities - What is this - A lesson about the different places people have been able to put their money. It’s like a history channel (the presidents, or WWII show) educational feature ( lots of archival footage, and maybe some interview historians. we basically want to to show that in the modern day we have been able to create products that are safer than anything in history. 


Life Insurance - How it can save a life. A documentary style story that finds real people (or actors) who didn't have it, or weren't left with it. Folks who worked hard, but didn't put the right stuff in place, and now an old lady is left with nothing, or has to go back to work. OR tell the story of a couple who just randomly bought a plan, didn't even realize what they were doing, and that little decision ended up being the most beneficial thing after one of them dies.


The Market is rigged-contrasting the BIG Wall St bullies, and the regular lowly retired person. showing how individuals who think they can play the market or invest on their own can get completely screwed. This system is not set up for common folk. 


Taking legacy seriously -(show the good side)  the true ripples of financial planning - showing what it looks like to plan right and share that with your family. during life and after death. making your families life that much easier. giving your grandkids a leg up (with actors, show the generational ripples of having a leg up) (real people, find a situation that shows that)


Take Death Seriously (show the bad side)- nobody wants to think about it, let alone plan for it. but if you take it seriously as the inevitable conclusion to everyones story, it doesn't have to be as hard to deal with. Tell stories of people who didn't consider it until it happened, and didn't have the money or resources to deal with it .. the funeral, taxes, any surprises it comes with when a loved one dies..Or the fact that if YOU plan right, you can make your families life a lot easier when you die. (tell the story of a family Right after a loved one dies (real people or actors)


What Saving Actually looks like - Need vs Want (on a granular level) little daily decision make a huge long term difference (showing how a working age  person, who is conscience of saving, effects that same person when they are older/retired) maybe contrast it with the person who didn't save, and show the future of what that looks like - show examples of savings methods


Other topics ideas:

401k -


First, have dreams, and then Live them - the benefit of having goals, and looking toward the future  vs just trying to get through the day -

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