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Client Testimonial

I am very pleased with what ECM created. I really dislike cameras; especially talking about myself on camera, but Emio made the whole experience fun and relaxing. There was a buzz around the office from the time Emio left to the time we viewed the first cut of what ECM did for us.

Once we viewed the finished videos we instantly began throwing ideas around about how we wanted to use them. ECM went above and beyond our expectations. Thank you very much for all the work that you have done.
— Weiss Merkle Financial
As a 20+ year veteran in the marketing world, I rarely come across a person or company that impresses me with everything that they do. Emio is simply put, an artisan. He is a creative force who also has the ability to deliver a superior product to the marketplace in a timely manner.

I have had several experiences with Emio and I can’t wait until we have the opportunity to work together again. If you have the opportunity to work with Emio-Take It! He will exceed your expectations.

Mark Gaffney
Strategic Wealth Designers
Director of Marketing
I have viewed the videos several times. I keep saying each time...”very impressive!” Your story is well told and the heart of what you want to do for your clients is captured. Who you are ~ “your faith, your family, your business integrity” was stated perfectly from first other’s lips and then affirmed by your own.

I love the natural way your staff spoke of who you are. You were well honored because the true loyalty of your people came from the depths of how they think of you. Money can not buy that and actors could never match it.

Nothing seemed long or drawn out. The camera caught the details with flowing movement that kept interest alive. The quick shots of of the cross, the church, and family photos spoke more than words could express. It took what is truly important in life and pulled it all together to tell your story, your vision, and most importantly painted a portrait of your heart for people.

This producer has great artistic skills and a keen sensitive eye. He gets who you are. He saw your fun loving marriage. He saw your family. He saw your heart. He saw your vision. He saw your art. He saw your building. He saw your love for city life. He saw your staff. He saw your clients. He saw your company. He saw your success. He captured you on film. At the end of the day, he found himself saying, “This is good!” AND HE IS RIGHT!

This video outshines anything your competitors have out there. It is very high class and professional. It is “TV worthy” stuff! I hope you are pleased with it.

Well done!
— friend of a client



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